Flu I Swear at You!

I really want to shout dirty words at you til I am blue in the face. You came in my house and you affected of all people the baby (not that he is a true baby).

Poor Casey can't even move his legs.

Poor Casey can’t even move his legs.
Not only is Ollie sick but he has been sleeping in our bed while sick, so Casey and I are lacking sleep. So we have been awake from toddler sleep antics and him waking up with his fever coming back. I am ready to be back to normal.

Recent Favorites

I have been having a bad case of the winter blues along with an adverse reaction to a med causing me to be in extreme pain. Which at this point it has been going on two weeks. We have been getting a ton of snow and super cold temps (like in the negatives) and for this Texas girl that is a bit much. Though I have a few things that have been bring me some cheer even in the cold cold weather.

1: Casey let me have my Valentines gift a bit early, UGG Australia Womens Classic Tall Boot And I just love them.

I have wanted a pair for years, their here and their purple. I don't care if they aren't cool anymore, they are cool to me that's all that matters.  @chickenzie I got the purple ones!!

I have wanted a pair for years, their here and their purple. I don’t care if they aren’t cool anymore, they are cool to me that’s all that matters. @chickenzie I got the purple ones!!
2: My boys playing together makes me so happy; even if I have to say don’t hurt, headbutt, tackle, etc a million times a day.

3: I recently Discovered Clinque’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, it is so flattering and just so perfect.

4: Casey, who has been so supportive as this pain in the neck literally hasn’t gone away.

5: Teefury, with them having a different t-shirt everyday it is fun to discover new things and occasional get a fun new shirt.

I love Makeup

My Bag

I have a love affair with make up. I truly enjoy wearing it. I don’t take the time most days and that is something I would like to change. I feel better when I take time for myself. I would like to learn how to do a smokey eye this year along with the not there eyeliner look. I will admit that I do have expensive taste when it comes to some make up products, mascara being the main one. I have problems wearing drugstore mascara it makes my eyes itch.

Everyday Basics
My Everday Favorites

I have learned a few things in the past couple years that I wish I would have known all along(not claiming to be an expert). First off do what makes you happy, if you like bold make up rock on. Secondly eye brows matter, I have always waxed them since high school but I have learned filling them in gives me a more polished look. Add some color to you cheeks, who cares if you choose blush or bronzer but just a touch helps me look more alive. I have been wearing NARS Deep Throat for the past couple years and I love it. I have worn bronzer in the past but I know longer tan, so I feel like it doesn’t look right. What are your favorite tips, tricks, or products?

Everything I have.

I forgot to picture my favorite lipgloss NARS Orgasm, Urban Decay Naked, and a lipstick from The Balm.

Pappaw Comes to Town

Five of Eight of his Grands

I wonder what we would have to do to get all 8 eight of his grands all in one picture and the two greats?

What a nice surprise my Father in Law came to town and surprised us, he called L when he was on his way so it was a true surprise. Along with him being beardless for the first time in C’s lifetime.

Three of Five

It was a nice long weekend to have him in town. If you haven’t caught on two of C’s five siblings live here in the same town as us. I don’t know how we got Fort Carson, but boy were we happy. We spent lots of time together enjoying everyones company.

Singing Five Little Monkeys with Aunt B

Ian can’t stop talking about Aunt B and Uncle B’s house. They had a basement full of toys, that included dinosaurs. Hopefully we will see Papapaw again soon.


Hopefully we will see Papapaw again soon. I know we won’t be going home for the holidays, so maybe soon after that.