The Secret is out.

I am converting to Catholicism, I have mentioned it on twitter in passing but that is about it. I am going through the RCIA process right now. This wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly. I hope that my family will come to understand that this is what is right for me.

For my readers that are catholic, who is your patron saint and what led you to choose that saint?

Summer was a Bust

So I spent most of the second part of June trying to not go manic and failing. That wasn’t even the worst part. Most of July and August I was so depressed I couldn’t function. The idea of self care was anxiety inducing. I took care of my children and that was all I could manage and that wasn’t even at 100%. I would never wish this on my worse enemy. Summer has always been the toughest season for me, I have no idea why. After finally getting in to see my care team and lots of talking we are changing my meds after two years. I can say I am super nervous about this process. Anyone ever been through the process of changing there mood stabilizer what was it like?